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TAAS_Talk is the official, informal on-line communication tool for TAAS members. It is a Google group that allows members to send emails, post discussion topics and attachments, and stay connected with each other. It offers several options from getting an email anytime something new is posted to no notifications at all but access to all posts via a web page.

The address for the TAAS_Talk web page is:!forum/taas_talk

Once you are a TAAS_Talk member, just bookmark this for easy access.

When you join TAAS you should receive an invite via email. Just follow the link and the instructions to join TAAS_Talk. If you do not have an invite, you can request one by going to the above web page and requesting an invite.

When using TAAS_Talk, please remember that your posts will be available to over 300 TAAS members, so try to keep them to items of general interest to TAAS.