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Loaner Page Telescopes Eyepieces Accessories
Name: Filter sets
Set #1 1.25-inch
  • UltraBlock
  • 25% Moon Filter
  • 13% Moon Filter
  • Variable Polarizer
  • Green #58
  • Deep Yellow #15
  • Blue #80A
  • Red #25

Set #2 1.25-inch
  • O=III
  • SkyGlow
  • Moon
  • Blue #80A
  • Green #58
  • Deep Yellow #15
  • Red #25
Set #3 1.25-inch
  • Polarizer(2)
  • Yellow #12
  • Green #58
  • Light Red #23A
  • Blue #80
  • Light Yellow #8
  • Violet #47
  • Red #25A

Set #4 1.25-inch Lumicon Deep Sky

Set #5 2-inch
  • Lumicon Deep Sky
  • Yellow-Green X1
  • Yellow K2
  • Deep Yellow G
  • Red #25A

Name: Collimators
Two 1.25-inch Laser Collimators and a Collimating Eyepiece. Keep your scope in precise alignment.
Name: 1.25-inch Barlows
Increase your magnification by 2-3x. We have an assortment of barlows, long and short.
Name: Star charts and red chart lights
Add an Orion DeepMap 600 chart and a red LED chart light to your loaner scope and you have a complete observing package.
Name: Planispheres
Use a planisphere to locate the constellations by setting the date and hour. A planisphere is a superb way to learn the sky and it requires no batteries!
Name: Solar Viewing
Many of the scopes have white light solar filters available such as the glass filter for the 8-inch SCTs shown here.
Name: Green Laser Pointer
Give your own constellation show or point your scope.
Name: Canon EOS Rebel T4i Camera Kit
Canon EOS Rebel T4i camera body
16GB SD Card
EOS Rebel T4i EOS 650D Instruction Manual
Canon EOS T-Ring
Extension for T-Ring
T-2 to 1.25-inch eyepiece slot
Celestron T-Ring
T-Ring with 2-inch eyepiece slot
Opticstar 1.25-inch 50/50 Beam Splitter
Helical Eyepiece focuser with 10mm T-thd extender
Canon RS-60E3 Remote Switch
Vivitar 2x Tele Converter
Opt 2x Barlow Lens
Canon LP-E8 Battery Pack
Canon Battery Charger
USB to Mini-USB cable
SCT Back to T-Ring adapter
Power adapter for power from car plug

This T4i camera has been modified for astrophotography use. This kit will give you everything you need to try out astrophotography. Just add a telescope and a tracking mount!
Name: Sky Quality Meter
The Unihedron Sky Quality Meter allows you to measure dark the sky is. If you want to compare one site to another this meter is ideal for taking measurements that can be readily compared.