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Upcoming Events

As one of the largest and most active amateur astronomy clubs anywhere, there's always something going on in TAAS. Here's a look at upcoming events. Unless otherwise mentioned, all events are free and open to the public so try us out. Then help us "Observe - Educate - Have Fun."

Friday Nights at the UNM Observatory

Friday Nights at the UNM Observatory are busy for this spring semester, attended by both students,visitors and the TAAS telescopes, and the UNMO dome is open on those nights. Join the happy group and enjoy observing and learning every Friday night during UNM semesters.

The TAAS-UNMO coordinator, Fernando Torres, can be reached at unm_coord@taas.org if you have questions or need further information


The last UNMO Friday Night for the spring semester will be on May 5th

Photo by Becky Ramotowski

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TAAS General Meeting - Saturday April 8, 2017

TAAS General Meeting

Saturday, April 8, 7:00PM

Science and Math Learning Center - UNM Campus

Kepler!- His Work and Genius Explained - Dr. Barry Spletzer

Johannes Kepler was truly a lone genius who changed our understanding of the cosmos. He discarded millenia of tradition and dogma, struck out on his own path with unparalleled insight and discovered the laws governing planetary orbits, thus helping to launch the scientific revolution.

Yet little is written about his work--much that is written concentrates on his mother being accused of witchcraft and accusing him of murdering his boss. In this presentation, Spletzer will attempt to set the record straight, discussing the false starts, incredible persistence, and final success of this amazing man. Oh, and along the way, he invented something that's part of every amateur's telescope today.

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TAAS Astronomy 101


See us in May for the continuing series

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Telescope Building and Maintenance

Next session - Wednesday, April 5th - 7:00 p.m.

Telescopes! Make Them-Use Them-Fix Them!

TAAS has a wonderful special interest group - Telescope Building and Maintenance - which meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month (see our calendar). Members and the public alike are welcome to visit, learn more about the opportunities, bring in a telescope for assistance, begin a telescope from scratch or just ask questions.

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GNTO 25th Anniversary and Annual Picnic - Saturday June 24, 2017

GNTO 25th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Picnic! Saturday, June 24th

The GNTO Committee will be hosting a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the General Nathan Twining Observatory, the jewel of The Albuquerque Astronomical Society, and combining that event with our annual picnic. GNTO was dedicated on August 8, 1992 and has developed and grown into an outstanding observing and gathering focus for our Society.

Mark your calendar and attend this memorable milestone event and festive day for our dark sky site!

Portable    Planetarium    Stolen

Our portable planetarium, used frequently at local schools, has been stolen. We are accepting donations the help cover the deductible amount on our insurance and to cover the higher cost of a new unit. If you wish to help us keep bringing the science of astronomy to our schools, you may donate to our planetarium fund by clicking here.