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Observe, Educate, Have Fun

photo: John Laning
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Friday Nights At The UNM Observatory

Friday Nights at the UNM Observatory will resume with the fall semester on August 26th. Enjoy the remainder of the summer and the New Mexico night skies and see you in August!

The TAAS-UNMO coordinator, Fernando Torres, can be reached at if you have questions or need further information

See below for details and map


Oak Flat Public Star Party

Saturday, August 27th and September 10th

Oak Flat Picnic Grounds

Our last two Oak Flat Public Star Parties are very close together, due to availability of dates, giving us a grand finale to the summer Oak Flat tradition. We hope for clear skies and just enough rain in between to keep the area safe from fire danger!

Go nine miles south of Tijeras on #337 to the Oak Flat exit on the left; one mile more to the Oak Flat Picnic Grounds, turn left and follow the signs. Gates to parking and field access will open at 5:30pm and sunset is at approximately 7:30pm on August 27th and 7:15pm on September 10th--be sure to arrive early to get parked, oriented and talk with members and visitors.

We will have both the Juniper and Yucca areas available for parking ( restrooms are at Yucca only). There will be signs at the entrance to Oak Flat Picnic grounds indicating directions for parking and for telescope owners to access the field.

Remember to bring water, any food you wish (there are picnic tables available) and warm layers for the evening chill.

We are planning for a successful continuation of the season series, giving us the opportunity to observe with the public and show them--and ourselves-- the wonders of New Mexico skies, Mars, Saturn and Neptune,the Milky Way and all the deep-sky objects.

Photo by Martin Hilario at Oak Flat


Chaco Canyon Annual Fall Star Party!

September 2nd and 3rd

Chaco Culture National Historical Park and International Dark-Sky Park
(Event activities are open to the public)

This event is sponsored by The Albuquerque Astronomical Society in collaboration with Chaco Culture--a spectacular event which includes the stunning Anasazi sites, the use of the observatory on the grounds, camping under the stars and riveting talks by Park Rangers and TAAS Members.

All of the information you will need to begin your plans to attend are on the links at the bottom of this article--directions, camping reservations info, schedule of events and a flyer to refer to as the dates approach.

Specific camping information for TAAS members is included; members of the public will make reservations separately through the Park links- .

Prepare in advance to take advantage of this very dark, unique site for observing and seeing the Park Rangers and TAAS members in action!

The Owners for this offering are Viola Sanchez and Boris Venet, who will give contact information, if you have any questions. The information link is below/p>.

Amateur Telescope Making/Maintenance

Next session - Wednesday, September 7th- 7:00 p.m.

Telescopes! Make Them-Use Them-Fix Them!

TAAS has a wonderful special interest group-Amateur Telescope Making/Maintenance-which meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month (see our calendar). Members and the public alike are welcome to visit, learn more about the opportunities, bring in a telescope for assistance, begin a telescope from scratch or just ask questions.


TAAS General Meeting



Free and open to the public

With 338 days to go until the “USA Total Solar Eclipse” of August 21, 2017, Mike Molitor will be our featured speaker and give a presentation on observing this very special event which will sweep across the United States. Whether this is your first total solar eclipse, or you have been fortunate to have seen several, the presentation is designed to help you to prepare to make the most of it!


. What phenomenon to look for . Guidance on equipment you may want to bring or purchase . An overview of ideas and guidance for imaging the event . Considerations for travel . Some additional resources

Many of you have already made your plans of where to be, and the excitement is building--join us for a meeting of our group of amateur astronomers and visitors to get the whole story on making it an epic event!


Monthly Observing Challenge

The Challenge archives of past months are at your fingertips, for those who might have missed them.

Every month this information is changed to whet your appetite for even more observing so get that scope out and take advantage of those clear nights! This does not appear by magic, but is sustained thanks to Gordon Schaefering and Dee Friesen.

Each month, there is a test for Binoculars, Double Star, Deep Sky Object and the Challenge Object--think of it as a game for your telescope or binoculars. If you combine this with your GNTO, Star Party and Observer SIG stargazing, you are getting quite a workout!

So take the Challenge.


Solar Astronomy Outreach

Solar Astronomy, observing our nearest star, the Sun, is a very active and popular part of TAAS. Its events are too numerous to list here, so for the full schedule of solar observing events click here.

Remember, you don't have to stay up late at night to see a star!