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Upcoming Events

As one of the largest and most active amateur astronomy clubs anywhere, there's always something going on in TAAS. Here's a look at upcoming events. Unless otherwise mentioned, all events are free and open to the public so try us out. Then help us "Observe - Educate - Have Fun."

Telescope Building and Maintenance

Next session - Wednesday, August 2nd - 7:00 p.m.

Telescopes! Make Them-Use Them-Fix Them!

TAAS has a wonderful special interest group - Telescope Building and Maintenance - which meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month (see our calendar). Members and the public alike are welcome to visit, learn more about the opportunities, bring in a telescope for assistance, begin a telescope from scratch or just ask questions.

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TAAS General Meeting - Saturday August 5, 2017

7:00pm - Science and Math Learning Center-UNM Campus

Free and Open to the Public

TAAS General Meeting Saturday, August 5th - 7:00pm Science and Math Learning Center, UNM Campus

Phil Fleming - "Constellations: Utility, Insensibility and Controversy"

Our present day constellational sky is a practical, but stagnant, human creation parsed into jigsaw-like pieces fixed nearly a century ago, delineated by the International Astronomical Union in a series of resolutions from 1922-1930. Fleming has felt an ever-growing curiosity about the peculiar mix of those 88 constellations and wondered how the IAU made their determination of the final number--the answer to that question lies at the core of his talk.

This lecture, designed to appeal to novice stargazers and professional astronomers alike, will highlight the trail measured in millennia of storytelling, folklore, art, cartography, religion, politics, and astronomical science resulting in the origination, winnowing and ultimate establishment of our rich heritage embodied in the final 88 pictures of the sky.

Devout deep-sky telescopic observers and imagers who embark on this constellational boogie should once again find their wide angle vision of the cosmos restored and enhanced in an everlasting way.

TAAS Astronomy 101 - Saturday August 5, 2017

Saturday, August 5th, 6:00pm - Science and Math Learning Center, UNM Campus

"Telescope and Mount Basics" - Dale Murray

This is an overview of basic telescope equipment. Have you ever wondered what the differences are in the types of telescopes and some of their strengths and weaknesses? Ever wondered about the differences in the various types of mounts?

Dale's discussion will cover refractor, reflector and catadioptric telescope basics and the differences between Dobson, fork and German equatorial mounts. It will also encompass some basic advice on what might be the best combination of scope and mount for your intended astronomical interests and how each will enhance your observing and imaging success.

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Oak Flat Public Star Party - Saturday August 12, 2017

Oak Flat Public Star Party

Saturday, August 12th

Oak Flat Picnic Grounds, South of Tijeras

The fourth event in our annual summer series of Oak Flat Public Star Parties will be held on Saturday, August 12th at the Yucca and Juniper areas of the Oak Flat Picnic Grounds. Numerous TAAS telescopes of all types and sizes will ring the observing field in this dark-sky location generously assigned by the Tijeras Ranger Station to our Society for many years to show the wonders of our New Mexico skies to the visiting public.

The gates to the parking areas (restrooms are at Yucca only) will open at 6:00pm, so that guests can have time to picnic and enjoy the area and get to know the astronomers and their telescopes as they set up before darkness slowly moves in and observing begins. Sunset is at approximately 8:20pm.

Free and open to the public--Families welcome! Bring jackets for any evening chill and water as needed, along with red light headlamps or flashlights to preserve night vision

Dates for series events remaining are August 12 and September 9

See below for map

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